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About Us

Once upon a time there was a group of badass motherfuckers. These badass motherfuckers knew what hard work was, and knew that the grind was real. And these badass motherfuckers also knew that to truly live the dream, to be able to reap the rewards, they had to be hard as fuck. 

And so it was that these men and women WERE hard as fuck. Working overtime, no days off, just fuckin’ givin’ er for the greater good. Well, the greater GOODS to be more specific. The goods included shit like being able to go and do whatever the fuck they wanted, whether it be buying jacked up trucks, rippin’ shit up with some offroad vehicles, or just wasting wages on beer, whiskey, and whatever else was needed. This lifestyle is the goal of these badass motherfuckers. They get paid, they get laid. Nose to the grindstone, hair straight back, fingers to the bone, getting on ‘er, and killing it every damn day.

One day, some badass motherfuckers decided that there needed to be a symbol to indicate who the badass motherfuckers were, and that these badass motherfuckers needed to be able to show their support to the lifestyle of “making bucks” and giving “zero fucks”. And so our founders sought out the holy rules of being Hard as Fuck, and wrote these commandments down on some old beer coasters and napkins and carried them in their fucking pockets down to the local watering hole. Many drinks were drunk, many laughs were had, and zero fucks were given.These assholes then woke up in a stupor in a ditch on the side of fuckknowswhere, and realized that they lost their wallets, their keys, their innocence, and the commandments. But luckily these badass motherfuckers remembered the first commandment. “Making Bucks Zero Fucks”. And from then on, there was a group, a crew, a SOCIETY of these badass motherfuckers: the RUTHLESS REDNECKS.